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If you've clicked on the notification bar before, you already know how to use Wikipedia+. While you browse Wikipedia as normal, the software checks for pages of interest that match the one you are at. If it detects any, a notification bar pops up to invite you to check them out.


Wikipedia+ installs discretely to the status bar in the bottom right

If you have Mozilla Firefox, you can Install_Icon-2015-256x62.png by clicking here. Then:

  1. Click "Allow" on the security pop-up
  2. Click "Install" on the confirmation box that pops up

Once installed, the extension icon and status will be present on the browser status bar (bottom-right).

Is It Working?


Wikipedia Plus works so silently that apart from its presence in the statusbar, you might not notice it is doing anything:-) To test that it is in fact working:

  1. Check it is installed and enabled (i.e. the statusbar text is green as shown on the right)
  2. Browse to and you should see notifications appear, as shown on the right.
  3. If it's not working properly, check the lists of Open Bugs and Closed Bugs. If you have discovered a new bug, please report it
  4. If you have an idea how it could be improved, please file a Feature Suggestion


Main article: Preferences Dialog

Once installed, the extension icon and status will be present on the browser status bar (bottom-right).

  • If the status bar is not visible, "Ctrl+/" will make it appear
  • Click the text to enable/disable Wikipedia+
  • Click the icon to access the Wikipedia+ Preferences dialog.

Configuring Websites

Main article: Website Configuration

The GUI for editing which sites you would like to check for matching pages

Wikipedia+ comes preloaded with some alternative sites which you may wish to use to supplement your Wikipedia experience, but the choice is up to you. The Websites tab of the Options dialogue lists all the sites checked by Wikipedia+, with the highest priority sites (checked first) at the top.

  • Select a site and click on the pencil icon to the right (or just doubleclick the site) to bring up a dialog to edit it.
  • Select a site and click the up/down arrows to change site priority.
  • Use the plus button to add a new site and the cross button to delete one.