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* All users are advised to upgrade to the latest version (1.1.1), available here.

Release Date Version Features
2013-09-14 v1.1.1
2013-07-17 v1.1
2013-07-07 v1.0
2013-04-20 v0.9.2
  • Fixed bugs #8 & #10:- Site editing GUI and notification bubbles are both fixed
  • Code tidy for less bandwidth use
2013-04-10 v0.9.1
  • Fixed bug #7:- And upgrade to the page editing GUI
  • Code tidy for better compatibility with other add-ons
  • Minor Cosmetic improvement
2013-04-06 v0.9
  • Fixed bug #6:- The page suggestions are now localised to the particular tab that they correspond to.
  • Minor Cosmetic improvement

See the Older Downloads page for releases from 2011 and 2012.