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Once you have installed WikipediaPlus, you can set up your WikipediaPlus preferences either through the Tools/Addons menu option or by clicking on the logo in the bottom right corner (the Add-on bar):

Configuration Panes


Main Article: Website Configuration

This pane allows you to change which sites Wikipedia+ checks to ask for suggestions.

The GUI for editing which sites you would like to check for matching pages


This pane is for configuring the Wikipedia+ GUI.

The GUI for editing how Wikipedia+ looks


This pane is for managing how Wikipedia+ behavior, such as when you click on a page suggestion. Should suggestion buttons open in a new tab or a window, in the foreground or the background etc.

The GUI for editing what Wikipedia+ does


The GUI for editing which pagenames Wikipedia+ ignores

The Pagenames tab lists PageNames which Wikipedia+ should not check for sites of interest. You will probably not need to change this. As well as literal PageNames, you can use a name ending with an asterisk to matches a set of pages (e.g. 'User:*' tells the extension not to bother searching for the Wikipedia users' pages).


Showing Wikipedia+ version number.


Advanced Options

See the advanced configuration options for a couple more possibilities which may be of interest to some users. These have no GUI.