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Want quick access to alternative opinions?
WikipediaPlus can scan your favorite sites for you...

Wouldn't it be simple if 'official sources' never made mistakes and only published fair, unbiased representations of the truth...?
WikipediaPlus is a tool for those of us who know that life is not that simple.

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If you use Wikipedia, but also value other opinions, WikipediaPlus is a browser extension that may help. It looks at the URL and title of the page you are browsing, and silently checks other websites you are interested in to see if they contain relevant information. If so, a notification bar appears with links to the matching pages, so alternative points of view are just a click away. As an increasingly professionalized media source, Wikipedia has a well-established bias:

"To the extent that a particular topic is judged to challenge established power structures and their "official narratives", the reliability and ultimate accuracy of Wikipedia articles touching on it will tend to be compromised by agents of those structures. At the extremes of power and perceived threat, Wikipedia's policy on "reliable sources" pretty much guarantees that the compromise will be fundamental."[1]

If you are not happy with Wikipedia's definition of 'reliable source$', then choose your own 'reliable' sources of information with which to supplement it.

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