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These bugs will not affect you as long as you get the latest version.
This page is for bugs which have been fixed or are believed no longer to affect the software. See the Open Bugs page for ones that might.

ID Severity WP+
Description Status Contact
2 Minor 0.7.4 12 Sometimes the options dialog title reports "Software has malfunctioned" when adding a website in the options dialog - but it appears to work fine anyway  Fixed in v0.8(?)  user:robin
4 Critical 0.7.3 >=11 Completely broken. No page suggestions, and the options dialog is unusable.  Fixed in v0.7.4  user:robin
3 Minor 0.7.4 12 When adding a website, the "Use Current" button does nothing.  Fixed in v0.8  user:robin
5 Major 0.7.4 12 The software does not save dis/enabled state when this is changed from the statusbar.  Fixed in v0.8  user:robin
6 Major 0.8 18 Suggestions arrive at the top of the pane with focus, rather than the tab which spawned them. When switching tabs quickly and using a high latency connection, this is confusing, since they often arrive on the wrong tab.  Fixed in v0.9  user:robin
7 Minor 0.9 19 'Cancel' from the options dialog does not cancel changes to the pagelist  Fixed in v0.9.1  user:Pootle
8 Minor 0.9.1 20 The bubble notifications about site suggestions in the background don't handle spaces correctly. (Link broken if a space occurs)  Fixed in v0.9.2  user:robin
9 Minor 0.7 20 Foreign-encoded Wikipedia page titles which happen to decode to a bad title in English (e.g. ) give bogus suggestions for sites running older Mediawiki software (1.16.4 or older)  Fixed in v1.0  user:Redditfan
10 Major 0.9.1 20 It is no longer possible to edit the list of websites. The 'Add' button no longer functions and double clicking on a site doesn't bring up the edit site GUI. v0.9 is fine  Fixed in v0.9.2  user:Ace
11 Minor 0.9.2 21 When I move a tab to the front, it looks for suggestions even if it has already made one for this tab - especially noticable if I've cancelled the suggestions bar, since it appears again at the top  Fixed in v1.0  user:Ironi
12 Minor 0.9.2 21 It happens occasionally that suggestions do not get displayed on the foreground tabs, perhaps when I switch very fast between tabs  Fixed in v1.0  User:Mombasa
13 Minor 0.9 21 Open suggestions "In New Window" is completely broken; if I select this, the suggestions open a window at 'chrome://browser/content/browser.xul'  Fixed in v1.0  User:Mombasa
14 Minor 0.9.2 21 'https://' wikipedia addresses don't work.  Fixed in v1.0  User:Mombasa